“Pay-As-You-Go” pricing model makes CE Sally a convincing hire!

Educational program administrators now have a great new resource.

CE Sally has proven to be an easy and efficient CE platform for hosting and fulfillment of online and live learning activities. Her unique and innovative “Pay-As-You-Go” pricing model helps set CE Sally apart from other online educational platforms.

Among the many benefits of CE Sally are secure access and activity invitations for learners and the ability to view programs in multiple formats and fulfill course-work on desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

CE Sally on desktop and mobile

CE Sally’s administrative system creates and provides access to high quality comprehensive data reports. The platform’s flexibility makes it ideal platform for hosting both accredited programs as well as training courses.

In addition, for the convenience of educational administrators (associations, societies and healthcare companies), CE Sally has integrated NAPB and ACPE’s CPE Monitor reporting.

The platform is also compliant with multiple accreditation bodies such as ANCC, CBRN, PACE, ACCME, as well as many other industries such as real estate, legal, and insurance organization CE programs.

CPE Monitor

Most important, the “Pay-As-You-Go” pricing program automatically adjusts each month based on activity levels. It’s time to learn more about CE Sally and how it can be of great benefit to your organization and learners.

Get your Association using CE Sally today!

We’d be happy to talk with you on how we can simplify your learners’ CE fulfillment experience with CE Sally’s flexible pricing plans and with great customer support.

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The more we get to know CE Sally, the more we like her!

ICHP CE Sally allows us to provide CE programs to our members in a variety of formats to meet their needs.

CE Sally makes it easy to comply with ACPE® deadlines. The automatic submission of activity completions to CPE Monitor saves us a lot of staff time. Our members appreciate having their CE credits reported as soon as they complete a program.

CE Sally’s administrative tools are easy to use. The templates provided make uploading and managing programs and participants a piece of cake. The support team is always quick to respond and very helpful if we have questions.

—ICHP Staff

The Staff and Support teams of CE Sally have been very helpful in the transition from HealthsystemCE.org to CE Sally.

NYSCHP They are quick to respond to request and open to suggestions for improvement and what will meet the needs of their clients.

CE Sally allows our organization to meet the needs and requirements that ACPE requires as an accredited provider. CE Sally allows user to have more control over their personal/ NABP information. CE Sally walks the user step by step through the evaluation process and once completed is automatically transferred to MyCPEmonitor.

From an administrative stand point, CE Sally has made the upload of programs/ attendee lists quicker and easier. This saves the staff a significant amount of time.


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