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traviscremer · Dec 9, 2015 at 2:07 pm

New “Complete Now” button for Learning Activities

Many associations and CE Sally members have asked for a faster way to complete a single learning activity without first adding it to their To-do List.

Our unique To-do List functionality was designed, in part, for associations who conduct many learning activities in a short period of time, say for example, at a quarterly or annual meeting. For learners at those events, the To-do list enables them to complete all the activities they participated in in one fell swoop. No longer did they have to work in a back-and-forth fashion, finding then completing one activity, then finding and completing the next, and so on.

The To-do list is a very useful feature; however we are seeing more situations where learners have participated in only one activity and want to complete it without having to go to the extra step of adding it to their list.

We’re pleased to announce we’ve implemented this single activity learning model on all activity detail pages and it’s ready for use!

Below is a screen shot of how and where this button appears:

Complete Now button

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