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traviscremer · Dec 10, 2015 at 2:13 pm

You Can Now Charge for Learning Activities!

We’re pleased to announce that our associations can now attach a price to their learning activities. This new functionality can be found in the components section in the admin control panel. Members must pay for the learning activity before they can add it to their To-do List.

Below is an example of how the +Add to cart button would appear on a learning activity overview page:

Add to cart button

Associations can determine their own price for the three tiers of accessibility they assign to learning activities. This flexibility makes it easy to charge full price for publically available activities, provide a discounted price for association members, and/or to make the program free to invited learners.

Monthly sales reports are also available to association admins in the same place as the learning activity completion reports.

Contact us if you would like more details on how you can charge for learning activities.

We’re excited to continue adding new features to CE Sally and hope you benefit from this recent addition!

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